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Before you get too far into this Tarot manual, I have to admit that I made some stuff up. It’s kind of hard to cover an art that is based off of the imagination, in a non-fictional kind of way. You could say that it’s the fiction of an intuitive, or an account of the art, but no matter how you look at it, Tarot is an actual card game that requires that you make stuff up.

So, that is what I’m going to share with you. I’ve made my own deck, meanings for the cards and techniques for using them.

In the following pages, I share my discoveries and intuitive insights with the hope that you will be enriched through my studies.

But I want you to keep in mind that my most important discovery is that Tarot is a game. It should not be taken too seriously. At least I don’t take is seriously. I mean, come on, it’s about making stuff up!

The Game

I’m going to keep this short. The game is all about asking the cards a question and then interpreting how the card relates to that question.

Simple enough?

As it turns out, many people find this concept really difficult. People ask for structure, rules and guidelines to make sure they’re getting it correct. Thus, you’ll find that there have been hundreds of books written where this process is outlined ad nauseam. If you want that, I’ll save you time, this is not the manual for you.

The Purpose

As I’m sure you’re already aware, the Tarot cards are used for divination purposes. Some people believe that God works through the cards. Others believe that they are a satanic and must be avoided. Me, well, I don’t take it that seriously, yet I do have an insight to share.

My studies have lead me to believe that what is and what we think things are, are two completely different things. The human ability to rationalize, conceptualize and philosophize have been shown to lead to some amazing understandings, yet by no means have humans discovered, or figured out how everything works.

When it comes to the human awareness of the body, mind and spirit connection, people’s understanding is severely limited, but greatly studied. Sure, we all know pretty much know we have some type of spirit, but people haven’t really been able to measure it in any meaningfully convincing way. Likewise, humans have studied the body for generations and still can’t fully explain the energy that we run on. For that matter, scientists have been unable to fully define what energy is. They can define what it does, but not what it is.

The same holds true for the studies of the mind. What is the mind? Where is the mind? How does the mind work? Western science has thoroughly studied the brain, but the mind is a little more nebulous.

With my studies, I have drawn some conclusions about the mind, spirit and body connection that I’ll share with the hope that you’ll keep an open mind and seek the truth for yourself.

Thus, we come around to my first insight – consciousness and life go hand in hand. In the human situation, what most people think of as consciousness is really just their awareness. The part of the consciousness that you are not aware of is what everyone refers to as the sub-conscious. Even though it’s been separated out, sub-consciousness is still consciousness. They are one and the same.

When you think about this, in the simplest sense, there is conscious activities in every cell of your body making sure that every cell works as intended. All the larger systems perform their work without you ever having to think about it. It doesn’t take any awareness to function.

Likewise, we know enough about natural laws to know that the cells in our bodies behave nearly identically to other life forms on this planet, thus there is consciousness there too. I’m pretty sure animals don’t need to be aware of how their bodies work to enjoy their lives.

Now, let’s see if we can relate this to the cards. If the consciousness that runs our bodies is capable of making sure the right nutrition gets to each cell of the body in the proper amounts in the right time and gets processed in the right way, you might be inclined to believe that this consciousness would have to be aware of billions upon billions data points at a lightning fast speed. The amount of data that it would have to track would be enormous!

When you think about a Tarot deck, it is only 78 cards. It is many orders of magnitude fewer data points than your consciousness would have to be aware of. So, the question is, if the consciousness can track the running of every function within the body, would it be capable of tracking a few more data points?

The practical evidence suggests that it can and does.

Key Assumption: The consciousness that runs your body is capable of tracking the cards in a shuffled deck.

If this assumption doesn’t ring true as being possible for you, reading Tarot cards may not be something you’ll want to pursue.

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