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Paypal: Tarot Card Reading $60

Private Tarot Readings

I do personal readings!

Please see my Personal Readings page for more details. If you have already received a reading from me and want another, just kick start the process by sending money my way using Paypal or the Litecoin network. (if Paypal is not an option, I accept Litecoin. Email me for my Litecoin address.). I will followup with an email or text. (Note that if we can not find a suitable time for the reading, I can always refund your prepayment.)

Examples of Readings: Latest Public Tarot Readings

Personal Astrology & Divinity Reports

I have partnered with Mahala’s Astrology to offer Astrology & Divinity reports through their website. Please see the Purchase Page on Mahala’s Website for more details. Note that all generated reports are posted on that website.