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Paypal: Tarot Card Reading $60

Private Tarot Readings

I do personal readings!

Please see my Personal Readings page for more details. If you have already received a reading from me and want another, just kick start the process by sending money my way using Paypal or the Litecoin network. (if Paypal is not an option, I accept Litecoin. Email me for my Litecoin address.). I will followup with an email or text. (Note that if we can not find a suitable time for the reading, I can always refund your prepayment.)

Examples of Readings: Latest Public Tarot Readings

Personal Astrology & Divinity Reports

I have partnered with Mahala’s Astrology to offer Astrology & Divinity reports through their website. Please see the Purchase Page on Mahala’s Website for more details. Note that all generated reports are posted on that website.

Paypal: Two year Subscription to website. $20

Tarot Tips Book via Subscription

The full version of the AmorStyle Tarot Tips Book is available online for those who are interested. To get access, you can either purchase that here or purchase a Tarot Reading (see above). This is basically a two year subscription to all the Tarot card information offered on this website.

For more details about how the Subscription works, please see my Buy Book page.