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David and his wife Lori are the co-founders of AmorStyle Healing & Yoga LLC.


We are all connected. Whether you are aware of it or not, the essence that animates each one of us is consciousness. That consciousness is all knowing and all powerful. If you get your ego out of the way, that consciousness will shine through showing you that it is ever present – everywhere – and active. David Flenniken lives his life knowing that this presence is there and it is available to those that choose to tap into it. These tarot cards were inspired as a way for him to practice getting ego out of the way and simply letting the cards fall where they may.

David Flenniken has a creative professional background where he has been able to stay balanced between spiritual, mental and emotional endeavors. He spent 25 years working for Microsoft on Windows as a software design engineer. He now teaches yoga and reads tarot cards.

Personal Info

  •  David Flenniken
  •  Redmond, WA. 98053


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