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Private Tarot Readings

I do personal readings! I specialize in drawing cards for questions. You choose the topic, we’ll collaborate on the questions; I draw the cards and perform the reading.

The package

  • Choose a topic that you’re interested in learning what the subconscious has to say about it.
  • Ask five to nine questions.
  • I’ll draw and interpret the cards for you.
  • The session will be recorded as a video and posted on YouTube, but marked private so only you can see it. Sessions tend to be 15-25 minutes long (or longer).
  • I will also create a private page on my website that is password protected so that only you can access the page on which I will summarize the reading and embed the video.
  • An Introductory Reading of this type is $60. For a limited time, I will be discounting these readings by $15 so as to make them a dirt cheap, can’t pass up price of $45.
  • And as an added bonus, when you buy a Tarot Card reading from me, I will also throw in a two year subscription to this website so that you will have access to the full meanings of the cards and my AmorStyle Tarot Tips book. This is an additional value of $20 for just getting a reading!


  • First – Become a Registered user on the website and Login. During the registration process, the website will email you instructions for setting your password and then it gives you the opportunity to login. Do that, Login.
  • Second – Think of your topic, issue or problem that you want the cards to address. Write it down so that I can review it. If you already know some questions to ask, write those down too. When you submit “Topic Form” (below), you and I will both receive an email with your information in it. At that point, I’ll review what you’ve written and help state some questions that the cards can answer.
  • Third – Once we agree on what will be asked, fill out the payment process for the reading. Simply click the Paypal button below and complete the shopping cart checkout process. Once you do so, I will get a notification of payment and perform the reading.

NOTE: Until I’m setup with a new machine, I will be offline with regards to readings. Sorry.

Topic Form

Paypal (required): Introductory Reading $45 Out Of Stock

Once done, I’ll send you an email with a link and password for the reading.

Questions Form:

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