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Personal Reading

Paypal: Tarot Card Reading $60

Private Tarot Readings

I do personal readings!

I specialize in drawing cards for questions. You choose the topic, we’ll collaborate on the questions; I draw the cards and perform the reading.

In order to make this happen, we have to be able to schedule the appropriate time. I find that the optimal session is about 45 minutes long, but the conversation (and my availability) will really determine how long the reading happens.


  • First – Become a Registered User on the website and Login. During the registration process, the website will email you instructions for setting your password and then it gives you the opportunity to login. Do that, Login.
  • Second – Think of your topic, issue or problem that you want the cards to help you address. Write it down or commit it to memory.
  • If you are not sure what you want to research, ask yourself why you want a Tarot card reading and see if that helps.
  • Next, get ahold of me so we can schedule a session. If you’ve been through the process, just send me a text message. If you haven’t, let’s start with an email.
  • Once we setup a time, you secure your reading with a payment. PayPal is easy, but if that doesn’t work, I accept Litecoin. If you want to pay in Litecoin, I can send you my public address when we setup the session.
  • When the session is completed, I’ll post process the video and post it to YouTube as unlisted. I will then create a page on my website that will be password protected that will contain the link to the video. And, of course, I’ll email you the password.
  • On the bottom of the website page that contains your reading there is a comment section that only you will have access too. I would love to show my future clients a testimonial from you. To do that, just quote the testimonial and tell me that it’s ok to use.

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