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Tarot Reading for Becki

I would like to extend a warm thank you to Becki who also was willing to allow me to make her reading public. She knew ahead of time that this would be made public so it can change the way questions are asked, but it’s still what it is. Please note that I normally keep the video private by posting…

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Tarot Reading for Toni

I would like to say thank you to Toni for allowing me to share her intimate session with the world. If you watch this, you’ll notice that at the very start Toni is open to being guided to what is really important for her to talk about. If you’re sensitive, you should notice the energy changes that occur in her…

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Tarot Reading for Bonnie

This post is a very loud thank you to Bonnie who volunteered to allow me to make this reading public. Her session shows the format that I follow when performing a reading and how I draw cards. Normally, the video is kept private and only shared with the client. As in any ‘session’, keeping the information private helps create a…

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