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Major Arcana

If you pick up any Tarot book, they will cover in detail the meanings of all the cards which will include some interpretation of what they mean. It is important to do this once or twice in order to really get a feel what how the cards work with your feelings before proceeding. In any case, I highly suggest that you do just that before reading any further. Why? Because when I did this each reading helped me get a little bit closer to understanding the bigger picture. It’s not that the words are simply assigned to the cards, but rather, there is a deeper meaning that very few authors write about. Ultimately, most books just try to get you to memorize the meanings and descriptions which always left me with a hollow feeling with regards to why the cards were put together in the order in which they appear in the classic decks.

The part that I felt was missing was the deeper meaning behind the purpose of the card rather than simply its meaning. Thus, I read, studied and then read some more. It wasn’t until after I’d created my own Tarot deck that the higher order of these cards seemed to jump out at me.

This section of the manual is designed specifically so as to share my idea of how these cards are ordered so as to help enrich your Tarot card reading experience.


The Beginning

The first card, in its simplest form represents the birth of identity. It is one of the key concepts of being human – the feeling of separation, thus the belief that we are independent from what happens around us or to us. It is the ego. It is the part of us that we identify with and, in many cases, the part of us that is believed to represent who you are. This part of us that is the identity becomes the part of use that drives the story of our lives.

The reality is that we are connected to all other life forms through consciousness and our true existence is rooted into the spirit as the Seer. The Seer is that part of us that hears the voice in the head, but is not the voice in the head. It is the part of us that sees and feels. It is not what we identify with (which is the ego), but that which enjoys the experiences in life.

Relating this to the cards, The Fool card represents that part of us that is not fully developed or the malleable parts of the identity. It represents the beginning. It is that state before any real development happens. It is that state of innocence before the results of your action are known.

Divine Laws

The next five cards in the deck are cards of spiritual truths. There are aspects of the human experience that are fundamental to how things unfold for us. They are universal truths of existence that have been passed down through script and oral tradition for centuries. They can be thought of as spiritual laws like karma, the law of attraction, the law of manifestation, natural laws, and so on.

With these cards, they specifically address classes of the laws and how they affect our personal experiences.

For instance, the act of living requires that you make decisions. In every moment of every day, you get to choose what you do. With each one of these decisions, you build your life experience and adjust yourself on the path of life.

The Magician card represents this concept. Our life experiences are the outcomes of a sequence of decisions that we make all along the way.

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