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Tarot Reading for Bonnie

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This post is a very loud thank you to Bonnie who volunteered to allow me to make this reading public. Her session shows the format that I follow when performing a reading and how I draw cards.

Normally, the video is kept private and only shared with the client. As in any ‘session’, keeping the information private helps create a willingness in the client to be open when discussing what the cards bring up. Bonnie knew from the beginning that this would be made public, thus she took time to choose her words carefully.

All readings are different. The end result is to get to information that the client can use and to present it in a way that it can be understood and acted upon.

I am looking forward to hearing back from Bonnie three, or four months from now to find out if the information helped, hindered or didn’t really matter in her quest to resolve these issues.

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I am excited for Bonnie to honor the wisdom of The Seer as she consults her own The High Priestess!


2 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Bonnie

  1. I hope Bonnie will work through her issues and be honest with herself. That’s the hard part, not being in denial or not rejecting the uncomfortable truth. Easy to deny. . . and Dave , you were terrific in gently bringing up the cards’ meanings and asking if her mind and heart are truly in alignment, which clearly felt to me the annswer is ‘NO.’

    Dave, you are quite skilled in card reading and gracious patience. I enjoyed watching and even learned a little! Great info, great video! Thank you!

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