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#SubtleAspects of Being Human – a Video Series

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Yesterday, during my morning meditation, I was inspired to start working on a new video series that would explore how we, as humans, can use the ideas embodied in the Tarot cards to bring more awareness to everyday events and situations. As we do, this new understanding may help people develop their sense of discernment with regards to what they are told verses what they can figure out on their own.

In order to do this, I’m going to cover some characteristics found in the Major Arcana cards and relate them to the spiritual side of humanity. The point is to show that we are given the gifts that are needed to discern, to some degree, what is true or false in these fledging days of the internet and social media.

Once the series really develops, I’m expecting that those that understand the information will realize that humanity is at a turning point that will radically change how humans perceive through using the tools of technology. This change will be reflected in major institutions and organizations in order to uphold the truths that will be evident to detect and defend.

Note that humanity will need to revisit and put some more energy into developing some of these subtle aspects of our Beings in order to be able to better understand what is unfolding everywhere around us.

The best way to see what I’m doing or to follow this project is to subscribe to my channel on YouTube. I will create a playlist that will have all the videos in this series – “#SubtleAspects of Being Human” and when I add a new video, YouTube will show you in your personal subscriptions section.

Likewise, as I post each video, I will also echo it on Twitter with the hashtag #SubtleAspects.

Here is the first video in the series.

I look forward to explaining different topics in more detail as people ask questions.

Good day.

Note that there is a playlist on my YouTube channel that has all these videos. If you search for #SubtleAspects on YouTube or Twitter, you’ll find them all. Or, just click the link below to get started.

#2 – You Choose the richness of your experiences in life

#3 – Feelings & Emotions are what connect us to the divine!

#4 – Natural Cycles can be understood and play out in time

#5 – Choosing & Speaking is a subtle human ability outlined with The Emperor

#6 – Human Belief Systems are taught & then validated through experience

#7 – Dragons! Where do they exist and what subtle senses do we have that help us determine this?

#8 – #SubtleAspects of Being Human and being able to feel people

#9 – Man has dominion over his environment


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