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You interested in a Tarot Card Reading?

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As some of you already know, I read Tarot, created my own deck and defined my own cards. The keyword information about each card can be found on If you’re a registered user and logged in, the website will show you the description that goes with each card. Anyone can register to get access to the information which can be used to improve the accuracy of your own readings.

In the spirit of letting people know about this, I’m giving away Tarot card readings for my registered users in exchange for publicity. The type of publicity that I’m looking for is:

  • Tell a friend
  • Share the video with a friend
  • Allow me to post the video publicly (like the examples below)
  • Like the video on YouTube
  • Link to my website (share something on social media)

The basic idea is that when you share something that I’ve done, the search engines that offer up suggestions to people may suggest my work for someone – because the software notices that people ‘like’ or ‘share’ that content.

So, in this new digital world that we live in, think of this as – I’m willing to share my time with you in exchange for you taking a little time to like and share my content on your social media (or allowing me to share it on my social media).

Examples of readings

When I give away readings, the idea is to grow awareness regarding what I do and how I do it. Here is a search on my website that will give you the latest public readings: Search of Public Readings. I am thankful for the people that allow me to share this personal process online for others to see. Again, thank you.

If you look at the example readings, you’ll see that I call the person on the phone, put my phone on speaker so that I can record the querent’s voice. I then point the camera towards myself and capture my screen during the conversation. It works even better if you read along using a PC.

Details (or) Rules

  • Need a phone, or Skype, for the conversation
  • Because it costs too much to call outside the US, you’ll want to be in the US.
  • Register on my website (I use email for communication)
  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel (my ultimate goal is more users and likes)

Each week I’m planning on drawing another name from my registered list, so once you’re in, try not to miss my email!

4 thoughts on “You interested in a Tarot Card Reading?

  1. Hallo Dave!
    Hope you’re doing fine!
    Just checking whether you have considered the feasibility of using Zoom or Skype for a long distance reading.
    Thank you so much,

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