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Zodiac Signs in the Tarot Cards

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If you go looking on the web for an article that will help you determine the astrology sign of any given Tarot card, you’re going to find a slew of different interpretations and explanations as to why the person uses the technique or association that they do. You’ll find the signs specific to twelve cards in the Major Arcana or you might find the signs distributed amongst the court cards (Knight, Queen and King).

The worst part about it is that even when it comes to assigning signs in just the Major Arcana, you’ll find that different authors make radically different associations.

This, in my opinion, is not helpful. Why?

The problem is that when the cards are not clearly defined, how do you know how to interpret them?

We might be able to see this problem by thinking of the cards as all being white with it’s ordered number printed on it. Thus, all that is on the card is a number between 1 and 78. Then, we draw the card with the number 7 on it. We can all clearly see that it’s #7, but one author says it represents the color red, another says green and still another says orange. The other geniuses looking on say that no one really knows the color so you get to interpret it however you want.

Ok. What good is that? Seriously? Without a definition, you might as well call your car a frog and see how far that gets you!

So, to use the cards you have to look beyond the technical to get to the practical. This is exactly why I set boundaries for my cards that are aligned with the spirit of the game so that we, as humans, can better understand what the subconscious is trying to lead us too.

Keep in mind that when I read, I tell the person that each card is clearly defined in my book (or on the website) so that when the subconscious directs us to a card, the answer that we’re looking for will be in the description. All we have to do is find it.

With that as the background, I would like to introduce sign associations for my classic Tarot card deck.

Here is a video where I talk you through the associations.

The key thing with my association is that the zodiac signs are attached to the thrones in the deck. There are 12 thrones and the archetypes of each zodiac sign were specifically placed on each card based on whether or not if felt right for me. The whole point was to give a deeper or richer personality set for that card. In other words, I wanted a card that specifically said Capricorn and another that said Scorpio and so on.

Another reason was that I wanted to give a richer personality to the kings and queens which are notoriously hard to flat out memorize.

So, in the video I talk about the associations and point out which card corresponds to which sign. Feel free to watch that in order to see if you relate. If not, that’s ok too.

What really matters to me is that there are clearly defined rules that the subconscious can draw from for my readings so that I can reduce the amount of interpretation that I need to make for the querent.

Hope you have a great day!

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