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Hexen2 Tarot connection to CERN – Thoughts

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I came across a YouTube video titled “DARK JOURNALIST X-SERIES XXXIII: CERN OCCULT NIGHTMARE TAROT ORPHIC CIRCLE – GIGI YOUNG” that I thought was going to be different than what I discovered.
Turns out that I love the interaction between these two spirits and I couldn’t help but get some intuitive ideas that I’m sharing in this video.

Unfortunately, it’s not really about Tarot.

I’m looking forward to your comments.


2 thoughts on “Hexen2 Tarot connection to CERN – Thoughts

  1. Wow, Dave, that was a greatly intriguing video, your “Review of Video of Hexen2.0 Tarot” – I’ll have to watch the one of which you speak. All this is exactly what Max Spiers was talking about, though I never once heard him refer to CERN. It all fits for me now… the black magicians using CERN!! I knew they were lying big time about the purpose and saw a long video of their opening “ceremony” – RITUAL – and was thoroughly creeped out.
    Thank you for bringing attention to this again. It’s just amazing how dark and devious humans (and non-humans) become in the quest for power and control. Shocking.

    1. Hi MoonStars, I’m not familiar with the Max Spiers story, I just found a video and will see if I can make time to get up to speed. I love what the Dark Journalist speaks about in most of his videos and I love how he teams up with others that complement his skills.

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