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The Tarot Story of I, Pet Goat II

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For some reason the following YouTube video came to me for review. It is an occult-ish animation that others are interpreting in wildly bizarre ways. Fortunately for me, I watched the story before watching any interpretation which allowed me to see the story from my perspective rather than someone else’s.

I encouraging you to watch the full video in it’s entirety before giving into any review. Here is a link for you to do that. Once you are done, then, feel free to hear the story from my tarot influenced point of view.

Now, before going any further I want to make a clear distinction between reading Tarot cards and reading this video as a Tarot story. When I draw Tarot cards, I know that the cards that come out are from the divine and all I have to do is interpret it.

The difference here is that I have no idea what inspired this animation. I would suggest that it is very unlikely that it is divinely influenced, thus it would be crafted by man. If this is the case, there is intent behind it and it is unknown what that intent is. We can guess at it, but I do not blindly take this script as being divinely crafted.

Yet, it does feel like someone is telling a story via symbolism. Let’s interpret that symbolism.

The above is a raw interpretation of the video. If there is interest in breaking the scenes down more, I would gladly welcome suggestions as to which scenes to break down.

Have fun!


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