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Are you the Jasmine that wants to get away?

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Every month I do a number of random Tarot card readings for people that have common names. The idea behind the readings is to tap into the subconscious in order to find the problem and advice for this specific person named. If your name matches the reading and you can identify with the problem statement, then this reading is most likely for you. If it is, please comment below letting everyone know. Else, I would greatly appreciate your help getting this information to the correct person.

Problem Statement

The cards are indicating that the problem statement is that you might not be able to move on from reckless or risk based activities. Or that you may have a strong desire to perform a geographic in order to get away from the foolishness or recklessness of a situation. This situation looks to have manifested because of your actions related to emotions and attributes of the heart.



The cards are suggesting that you’ll want to touch base with your imaginative side in order to make a fresh start. Allow the mind to be creative and find a sense of discovery. Approach the change as if nothing bad could happen even if you jump off buildings. Put on a cape and fly!

Before you can make any successful move, you can’t overlook the physical things that are needed to make it happen. Put some effort into planning. Don’t just make short-term decisions, think longer. If you are unwilling to work at this, you may remain in your situation and feel like you’re on the bottom of things.

Spiritually, the cards are indicating that there might be some out of balance practices that you are doing with regards to energy of the heart. This could hint directly towards a relationship issue that you’re having. With the card being in this position of advice, it seems to be saying that even if you do a geographic or run from you situation, the practices that you are doing will bring this issue up again. At the root of the experience we find the misuse of energies of the heart. In order to really get over these types of problems, you’ll need to right this card and find that divine connection to feeling good about who and what you love.

Cards and Questions

Q1- The problem statement.

6 of Swords (↓)

Video Interpretation: 6 of Swords (↓)
Key Words: Cannot move on, carrying baggage, dwelling on the past.
Key Feelings: The feeling that doing a geographic will not solve the problems that are within you.
Description: Reversed, this card indicates that you will need to complete your understanding of the power of thoughts before being able to move forward. This card indicates that without embracing the concept that your thoughts are the source of your manifestations, you will be stuck having to relive the same types of experiences over and over again. This card symbolizes that you might be reliving past thought patterns or experiencing thought patterns that stir up old emotional responses.

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Q2- Details about the problem.

The Fool (↓)

Video Interpretation: The Fool (↓)
Principle: No concept of self or identity.
Key Words: Naivety, foolishness, recklessness, risk-taking.
Key Feelings: That ‘I can’t believe I fell for that’ feeling when you once again believe something will work out and it doesn’t.
Description: Reversed, this card is pessimistic fool. With everything that comes your way, there is the feeling that it is out to get you. It represents the innocence that is taken advantage of. It is the free spirit that constantly flies into glass windows. It is the unexpected opportunity that goes away. It is the act of extending belief when it’s inappropriate to do so. It’s the type of energy best expressed as: When you fall, you hit the ground. This card suggests that you pay closer attention to what you do and how it is done so as to find a way to optimistically approach the task at hand.
Animal: Coyote
Key Words: Trickster, hurtful, deceived.
Description: The light-hearted foolishness becomes heavy painful experiences. What should be a simple laugh, causes hurt and resentment. Being unconscious of your actions leads to disastrous results. You may be easily tricked or deceived by another and led astray. You may fall for a scam artist or a get rich quick scheme or get involved in a deceptive activity. You may find yourself on a path that is painful and disharmonious. Everything that you attempt to do backfires or turns out differently than you expect. Feeling like you're always getting knocked down and never making forward progress. This spirit requests that you pay attention to your actions and don’t take things to seriously.
Symbol: Rose
Words: Pain, thoughtlessness.
Description: Beauty and passion may have a dark side. Be careful of the promises that others have made to you so that they do not lead to painful experiences. You may be in a thoughtless state, so it may be worthwhile to take a step back and smell the roses.
Element: Ether
Words: Unconsciousness, repulsion, judgment.
Description: Reversed, it would seem that the Ether that fills the universe has no purpose, cause or direction. It is everywhere, but does nothing. It animates, but cannot be seen doing so. It is subtler than light yet there is no concept of its existence. Clarity and purity are missing or simply not applied. Things change in unexpected ways and there is a strong sense that everything is flawed.

Advice from cards:

Q3- Mind

Page of Wands

Video Interpretation: Page of Wands
Key Words: Inspiration, untapped potential, a fresh start, enthusiasm, exploration, discovery, free spirit, playful, wit.
Key Feelings: The feeling you experience next to a young boy that is fully engaged living out his imagined adventure.
Description: This card can be thought of as the energy felt when looking through the eyes of a young boy who is imagining a heroic adventure filled with action, conquest and discovery. It is the energy that honors divine inspiration and untapped potential. This card gives you the freedom to make a fresh start and make it glorious! With childlike enthusiasm, you may be compelled to actually explore, rather than simply thinking about it. This card is also a messenger indicating that someone may be in, or entering your life, that is a free spirit, free thinker or freely playful which will grab your attention inspiring your own sense of adventure.

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Q4 – Body

Page of Coins (↓)

Video Interpretation: Page of Coins (↓)
Key Words: Lack of progress and planning, short-term focus, overlooked, not seen, remaining on the bottom.
Key Feelings: The feeling of disgust when that young republican that does the opposite of what he says.
Description: Reversed, this card suggests that no matter what you do to stand out, you are always overlooked. Regardless of how much you prepared to be noticed, someone else is picked. You may feel like you’re throwing the last of your money away on something that will never bear fruit. As a messenger, someone may be trying to groom you for something you don’t want to do or is morally unacceptable to you. They may be telling you one thing and doing another or teaching you this art of deception. You may be at the start of a political situation where you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

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Q5 – Spirit

Temperance (↓)

Video Interpretation: Temperance (↓)
Principle: Being out of balance in the flow of energy that comes from the heart. Misusing or practicing inharmonious acts associated with the heart space. Practicing how to use the energy of the heart, but using in inappropriately.
Key Words: Imbalance, excess, lack of long-term vision, cold hearted, one sided, forceful, sinful.
Key Feelings: Not feeling any connection between your emotional desires and your life’s actions or feeling that whatever you do doesn’t work.
Description: Reversed, this card represents an inharmonious alignment to the practice of channeling emotional energy towards a successful result. It could be considered wild, unbounded energy that is unleashed to manifest whatever and whenever in a hap-hazard way. It is the inability to focus or control the manifestation energy. It may also be emotional energy focused, or designed, towards inappropriate outcomes. It can show that there are excesses or imbalances. In the worst case, there could be intention or secret interests in the darker manipulative aspects of this art. You are encouraged to put your heart into what you do and feel to see if you’re in harmony with your actions.

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