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Are you the Samantha that is avoiding conflict?

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Every month I do a number of random Tarot card readings for people that have common names. The idea behind the readings is to tap into the subconscious in order to find the problem and advice for this specific person named. If your name matches the reading and you can identify with the problem statement, then this reading is most likely for you. If it is, please comment below letting everyone know. Else, I would greatly appreciate your help getting this information to the correct person.

Problem Statement

The problem statement suggests that Samantha might be avoiding confrontation. It may be you are being asked to participate in a situation that you are trying to completely avoid. Particularly, with regards to a relationship issue or partner. There may be dissidence in the home or relationship because it’s not turning out like you wanted. Thus, you’re avoiding it or don’t feel reading to dig into it because you feel it will never change.



The first card shows that in the grand scheme of things, it’s all part of the grand design. You have free will to do what you want when you want. The card suggests that you allow the cycles of life to work their course or possibly, spin the wheel again. There is luck on your side.

There is a sense of despair or the feeling of being on your own that is a trigger for not participating in the problem above. This hints that you have fear of being on your own, but reversed, this card shows that the despair will get behind you once you start to work. It may be that work is knocking on your door looking for you to come out and get to it.

The final outcome shows that you will be taking on more responsibility and it may feel like a burden. There will be lots of work to consume your time and you may feel disillusioned by the situation.

Overall, this could simply be a cycle that you’re in. There could be conflict avoidance that makes you feel left out and then you come back to a job where there is more responsibility which then cycles around. The family life that you were expecting may be left out of the equation.

Cards and Questions

Q1- Card of spiritual influence that can help with the situation.

The Wheel of Fortune

Video Interpretation: The Wheel of Fortune
Principle: We have free will. We must honor the right of the individual to choose. We honor the right of those that choose not to choose and let fate take over. Respect their decisions for their own lives.
Key Words: Endings and beginnings, a change of circumstances, good luck, karma, life cycles, destiny, a turning point, being in tune.
Key Feelings: The feeling that we are subject to natural laws and it is all part of the grand design.
Description: This card represents the principle that we all have free will and we need to protect the right of each person to be able to express it. It is the quality of recognizing the choices that people make and letting them experience the consequence of their selections. Above everything, each person gets to make their own choices. Upright, this energy signifies a harmonious relationship with this principle. You may be in a position to choose, or get to witness the choices that someone else makes and you get to honor the decisions. This principle is directly related to karma, life cycles and what is thought of as destiny. Being aligned with this energy brings the understanding that there is no fate.

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Q2- what should you look out for in order to help get through this issue, or what might trigger this situation.

5 of Coins (↓)

Video Interpretation: 5 of Coins (↓)
Key Words: Recovery from financial loss, spiritual poverty, hope through your own actions.
Key Feelings: The feeling where you’re on your own and you are relieved to finally be back to work.
Description: Reversed, this card indicates that you may be coming to peace with your inner self-worth. The energy gives hope that what has held you down and kept you in isolation is moving on leading to a clean path of recovery. The card hints that you may soon find a more solid home life, cash flow and people that are willing to help. The disease that causes sickness no longer has its death-hold lightening your heart and restoring your faith.

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Q3- Final outcome when you partake in the conflict, let the natural cycles play out and go back to work?

10 of Wands

Video Interpretation: 10 of Wands
Key Words: Too many responsibilities, disillusionment, burden, hard work, stress, achievement.
Key Feelings: The feeling that you can’t go on vacation because you have to work.
Description: This card suggests that the energy that kills adventure is responsibility. Your inner spirit may be longing for the adventure, but it feels bogged down and burdened by the responsibilities of life. It may feel unbearable to have to go through the daily tasks, stresses and political games, when the spirit knows the unbounded feeling of being free. Whatever is built, must be maintained. Maintaining something requires work, yet that work may be more than you’re willing to give. It may be that the dream of what you wanted in life does not match the reality of what you have. The life you thought was going to be all roses turns out to be loaded with thorns.

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