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A reading for Maria

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Every month I do a number of random Tarot card readings for people that have common names. The idea behind the readings is to tap into the subconscious in order to find the problem and advice for this specific person named. If your name matches the reading and you can identify with the problem statement, then this reading is most likely for you. If it is, please comment below letting everyone know. Else, I would greatly appreciate your help getting this information to the correct person.

Problem Statement

The problem statement suggests that Maria might be seeking some spiritual guidance with regards to fears or mysteries that surround her. There may be a strong sense of feeling like she can’t see what’s really happening around her and that she is being manipulated by the illusion. The cards hint that there is the inability to clearly see the situation and you’re seeking some spiritual guidance to help bring that to the surface.



The first card shows that you (Maria) may have just received an ‘ah-ha’ type of thought or feeling that should be applied to this reading. The classic story of love and compassion should be applied to the situation in order to shed some light on the root of the fears.

In the near future you may find yourself allowing yourself to be swept off your feet. It may be that a teacher or spiritual guide comes along and offers to help and you allow yourself to be swept in, but deep down inside you know it’s not the answer to what you’re looking for. Rather, it’s a diversion that pleases the senses rather than the heart.

Look for some joy and embrace the situation in a powerful, positive way. When you fully understand that you need to personally make the change regarding what you feel in your heart rather than trying to search for someone else to mentor you, the fears will fall away and there will be a much brighter outlook for the situation.

Cards & Questions

Problem cards:

The Hierophant

Video Interpretation: The Hierophant
Principle: The secrets of the wise, learning from others, golden rule.
Key Words: The guru or spiritual teacher, social laws, spiritual purpose, self-discovery, inner wisdom, organized religion, group identification, conformity, tradition, beliefs, student.
Key Feelings: The feeling of finding a spiritual teacher who helps you understand your meaning in life.
Description: This card represents social norms and processes that are traditionally the means to living a just and moral life. It is the guru that has studied all the works of the teachers that have come and gone and practices what they taught. It is the embodiment of socially learning spiritual behavior. Upright, the card would suggest a harmonious reading and an open willingness to learn this knowledge.

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The Moon (↓)

Video Interpretation: The Moon (↓)
Principle: Not feeling what is behind the reflected objects or believing the illusion. It is what we sense which is not interpreted into what is felt. It is the light that happens around us but we can’t interpret what it says. Builds a sense of fear and insecurity.
Key Words: Release of fear, unhappiness, confusion, disconnected from the subconscious, anxiety, unable to see.
Key Feelings: The feeling of fear in the mysteriousness of the life around you. Or the chills sensing something moving in the dark.
Description: Reversed, this card represents an inharmonious alignment with the subconscious energies. It may be expressed as confusing dreams, mysterious premonitions of harm or fear on a primal level. It shows that there is either a lack of understanding or a willful disregard for the actions of the mind that exists below your awareness. There may be a deep sense of unhappiness or states of confusion regarding activities or communication that is generally understood as common knowledge. You are encouraged to explore these feelings in order to better understand what the subconscious is trying to say or express. Try seeing these energies as a gift rather than a curse.

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Q- Can the cards show us something that can help Maria better understand the problem.

Ace of Cups

Video Interpretation: Ace of Cups
Key Words: Emotional fulfillment, start of a relationship, love, compassion, creativity, emotional abundance, spiritual connection of emotion, birth or renewed bond.
Key Feelings: That intuitive aha moment of understanding which is clear and pure regarding some emotional insight.
Description: The birth or a new start that will involve affairs of the heart. This card indicates that the energies of creativity, that are felt as love and compassion, will be, or have been, accentuated. The card suggests that whatever endeavor is at hand, the energies of emotional fulfillment and abundance will be in play. If you have not felt creative, this card indicates that the creative spark is posed to set you aflame. Spiritually, this card suggests that you may feel a strong connection to the divine and engaging in compassionate acts will feel natural and harmonious. The emotional bonds that tie living creatures together will grow stronger.

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Q- What is the near future for Maria.

Page of Cups (↓)

Video Interpretation: Page of Cups (↓)
Key Words: Emotional immaturity, creative block, a tease, being seduced.
Key Feelings: That feeling when you knowingly do something wrong, but it feels so good.
Description: Reversed, beware of the seduction. The messenger may entice you into an action that cannot be fulfilled. The situation may turn out to simply be a tease. Emotions may be all over the board, but the one thing that is for sure is that they lack maturity. You may find yourself sucked into a new adventure that you just can’t avoid and know you shouldn’t be involved with. If you’re following a hunch, you’re probably being led astray.

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Q – Overall advice

The Sun

Video Interpretation: The Sun
Principle: This is direct access to power. It is the light of life, the fuel of our existence. It is what feeds our consciousness and empowers us to grow.
Key Words: Energy, optimism, joy, confidence, fun, warmth, success, positivity, vitality, power.
Key Feelings: That feeling of being empowered and inspired by a sunny day to the point of wanting to dance and play.
Description: This card represents pure consciousness in its raw, dominate form. It is the power that lights our existence. It is what charges our batteries and fills the soul. It is the power behind the understanding that lightens our path. It represents where growth comes from and what intense focus can achieve. It is awareness. Upright, this card represents the harmonious alignment to the use of pure consciousness. It suggests a deep-down sense of vitality, warmth and joy. It helps manifest optimism and positivity that are at the root of success. The energy is abundance, and, when used correctly, empowers fulfillment of our desires. It suggests a full sense of awareness to what is happening in and around you.

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