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A reading for Jon

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Every month I do a number of random Tarot card readings for people that have common names. The idea behind the readings is to tap into the subconscious in order to find the problem and advice for this specific person named. If your name matches the reading and you can identify with the problem statement, then this reading is most likely for you. If it is, please comment below letting everyone know. Else, I would greatly appreciate your help getting this information to the correct person.

Problem statement

The problem is that there may be some restlessness or the feeling that you’re missing out on life or that you’re not letting yourself full experience life because of what seems like a money issue. Or, there is a connection that you have with a father figure that has been very successful, someone that lives a life of abundance, but there is something holding you back from this person or the life that they represent.



When it comes to this person, it may be that you are faced with a decision that you don’t want to make. You could feel damned if you do and damned if you don’t which prevents forward progress on your part.

Looking at the advice card that goes with it, it suggests that you need to find balance in your life. If things are lopsided, look at that first. The 2 is a start of an adventure card, thus we want to channel that energy and start doing things that you want to do. Particularly, don’t take on too much and watch out for things that are happening in the background that you’re not aware off.

The final card gives the advice that you need to do something. There may be a strong sense of fear of change, but the situation with that other person is changing and you need to acknowledge it. Or, at least, if you want to move on through this issue, you will have to face it. No more avoidance and take pride in this other person’s accomplishments.

Cards & Questions

The first card is the problem statement and the second is a description to help clarify what the problem may be about.

2 of Wands

Video Interpretation: 2 of Wands
Key Words: A goal or project, formulating a new idea, future planning, progress, decisions, discovery, weighing your options, restlessness.
Key Feelings: That feeling of needing to experience life. Feeling like you’re missing out.
Description: This card suggests that the energy around you is restless for the adventure. You may find yourself dreaming of the possibilities and imagining all the possible outcomes. This card carries the excitement that you will, or won’t, follow through with your commitment. It’s as if the pros and cons are being evaluated, but you know you’re going on the adventure anyway. This is the decision card, but the decision has already been made. Thus, it asks you to define how; will it be hard, easy, fast, long, etc.

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King of Coins

Video Interpretation: King of Coins
Key Words: Wealth, status, hard work, security, control, power, discipline, abundance, counselor, financial advisor, negotiator, teacher.
Key Feelings: Feeling like a kid listening to every word from the grandpa that has done everything successfully.
Description: This card represents the energy of a highly successful businessman that has reached a level of respect that his opinion moves the population. There is security provided by the wealth, yet power in his word. This is the energy of a highly educated man that is willing to help improve your life. As a messenger, this person may be here to teach you something of great value. They often represent business advisors, lawyers, conflict negotiators, professors, doctors, writers or business owners. They are hard workers and definitely in control of their senses. They command a disciplined student and teach the actions that lead to abundance.

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Q – Look for: what might you be feeling restless about regarding this person.

2 of Swords

Video Interpretation: 2 of Swords
Key Words: Indecision, refusal to face a situation, stalemate, choices, truce, stalemate, blocked emotions, stress, denial.
Key Feelings: The feeling of having to choose between to suitors.
Description: This card suggests that there is a decision that needs to be made but you’re refusing to make it. You may be weighing the pros and cons, but no matter how you measure the situation, you could go either way. It’s a stalemate, so you’ll just close your eyes and wait it out. The situation is obvious, but the will is blocked and unwilling to participate. The energy is still, as if you’re in a truce with yourself, but it’s waiting to explode.

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Q – what can the cards show us to help Jon make his decision?

2 of Coins (↓)

Video Interpretation: 2 of Coins (↓)
Key Words: Disorganization, financial disarray, lopsided decisions, resistance to change.
Key Feelings: The feeling when riding a bike with no hands and it goes out of balance.
Description: Reversed, this card suggests that the current situation maybe teetering on the brink of failure or woefully out of balance. It may feel as if your financial life is in disarray or that decisions that were made looked good, but proved not to be fruitful. It could be that you see the situation as disorganized, yet you can’t find how to order it. It could be that the natural flow of energy that should keep your productivity up comes in bits and sprits. You might find yourself resistant to change.

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Q – that final card with advice towards the other person of details about this situation. With a slant on helping you get through the situation.

The Tower (↓)

Video Interpretation: The Tower (↓)
Principle: Realizing the connection of man with everything, aware of the duality that the ego wants us to experience. Learning the lessons associated with being connected. Being confident in man, yet glorifying the divine.
Key Words: Avoidance of disaster, acceptance of change, admiring your accomplishment, pride, disconnected from the divine.
Key Feelings: The feeling that “I” have done something and that’s ok.
Description: Reversed, this card represents that the ego is in play yet it is tempered or restrained. There is the feeling of fear that prevents the unleashing of the full power of the ego. It is an art learning to find balance between what we identify with and what we really are. In this position, the energy is more humble, cautious and fearful. Disaster can be avoided or mitigated when one is aligned with the divine.

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