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Tarot Reading Benjamin Netanyahu Legal Criminal Investigation

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Here we want to draw some cards to get a feeling regarding how Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is feeling about this latest criminal investigation and to see if the cards can give a hint to where this is going over the next few months. We’re going to want to know how he feels about this investigation and more importantly, if he has been consciously involved in what is being called out as criminal activity and if so, will he be held accountable for the criminal activity. Also, we want to ask if the cards see this investigation ever making it to trial.



The first card is the principle of doing no harm. It’s a strong indication that the cards see no harm in his actions. The most likely outcome of the investigation is that it will not work out as intended. The third card indicates that it’s not that big a deal or that the little details won’t amount to much. The MSM will treat this like all the other propaganda and the truther community will see this as wishful thinking, but the actions to dig up the facts will most likely not happen. Overall, there are secrets, but those secrets are hidden.

Reference: Google search “Benjamin Netanyahu”


What can the cards show us with regards to Benjamin Netanyahu being involved in criminal activity?


Video Interpretation: Strength
Principle: Do no harm. We are obligated to bring about good in all our actions. Where hurt can’t be avoided, minimize the damage. We must take positive steps to prevent harm.
Key Words: Courage, self-confidence, inner resources, strength, courage, patience, control, compassion.
Key Feelings: Choosing to act creatively, delicately and with conscious intent.
Description: This card represents the principle that we must not do harm with our actions. We are obligated to avoid causing pain if we can. We need to strive to do good in all parts of our lives. Upright, this card shows a harmonious alignment with this principle. To uphold this principle, it requires that every thought, action and emotion is controlled and expressed with compassion. It takes courage and self-confidence to maintain the harmony. Ultimately, weak people break down.

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What can the cards show us with regards to the most likely outcome of the investigation?

The Fool (↓)

Video Interpretation: The Fool (↓)
Principle: No concept of self or identity.
Key Words: Naivety, foolishness, recklessness, risk-taking.
Key Feelings: That ‘I can’t believe I fell for that’ feeling when you once again believe something will work out and it doesn’t.
Description: Reversed, this card is pessimistic fool. With everything that comes your way, there is the feeling that it is out to get you. It represents the innocence that is taken advantage of. It is the free spirit that constantly flies into glass windows. It is the unexpected opportunity that goes away. It is the act of extending belief when it’s inappropriate to do so. It’s the type of energy best expressed as: When you fall, you hit the ground. This card suggests that you pay closer attention to what you do and how it is done so as to find a way to optimistically approach the task at hand.
Animal: Coyote
Key Words: Trickster, hurtful, deceived.
Description: The light-hearted foolishness becomes heavy painful experiences. What should be a simple laugh, causes hurt and resentment. Being unconscious of your actions leads to disastrous results. You may be easily tricked or deceived by another and led astray. You may fall for a scam artist or a get rich quick scheme or get involved in a deceptive activity. You may find yourself on a path that is painful and disharmonious. Everything that you attempt to do backfires or turns out differently than you expect. Feeling like you're always getting knocked down and never making forward progress. This spirit requests that you pay attention to your actions and don’t take things to seriously.
Symbol: Rose
Words: Pain, thoughtlessness.
Description: Beauty and passion may have a dark side. Be careful of the promises that others have made to you so that they do not lead to painful experiences. You may be in a thoughtless state, so it may be worthwhile to take a step back and smell the roses.
Element: Ether
Words: Unconsciousness, repulsion, judgment.
Description: Reversed, it would seem that the Ether that fills the universe has no purpose, cause or direction. It is everywhere, but does nothing. It animates, but cannot be seen doing so. It is subtler than light yet there is no concept of its existence. Clarity and purity are missing or simply not applied. Things change in unexpected ways and there is a strong sense that everything is flawed.

As we know, the game of politics is muddy and ruthless. Can the cards show if the motivation behind this investigation is really criminal or simply political?

9 of Swords (↓)

Video Interpretation: 9 of Swords (↓)
Key Words: The body responds to thought, don’t sweat the small stuff, getting perspective.
Key Feelings: The feeling of knowing that what you think, so you are.
Description: Reversed, this card indicates that here may be a glimmer of understanding as you witness the mind body connection in action. It may represent a period of time where you experiment with your dreams or observe mind over matter situations. It hints that the out of control nature of the mind will not destroy your world or drive you insane, but rather empower you to live richer experiences because both the mind and body work together.

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Can the cards show us how the MSM will cover this story?

10 of Cups (↓)

Video Interpretation: 10 of Cups (↓)
Key Words: Misalignment of values, broken home or marriage.
Key Feelings: That feeling when you realize that the other person will never change.
Description: Reversed, this card warns us of discord and the possibility of a broken home. You may feel like there is something blocking you from committing to a marriage or to family obligations. There may be a strong sense of dissidence that drives you away from someone or something. The energy may be one of disjoint values that lead to dissolution. This card hints that we need to re-evaluate our own values or re-align to them in order to resolve the dissidence and re-embrace harmony. It may feel that happiness is just not possible if things stay the way that they are.

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Likewise, can the cards show how much interest there will be in this story from the ‘truther’ community?

7 of Cups

Video Interpretation: 7 of Cups
Key Words: Making a realistic choice, creative potential, fantasy, wishful thinking, choices, imagination, dreams.
Key Feelings: The feeling of being super excited about an idea, yet you haven’t done any of the dirty work to try to support it yet.
Description: The energy that surrounds this card is ethereal, yet stirs the emotions. It may feel like you’ve fixated on an idea and that idea has grown into a grandiose situation that has you all excited, yet no action has been performed. It hints that you may be caught up in some creative potential of the imagination and not making realistic choices for yourself and others. The energy is indecisive because the fantasy is to emotionally appealing. Energies that feed the imagination will be in full force. The challenge is to keep your feet on the ground.

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What is the most likely outcome of this latest investigation into Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s behavior?

The High Priestess

Video Interpretation: The High Priestess
Principle: Law of the seer.
Key Words: Esoteric knowledge, intuition, wisdom, higher powers, mystery, subconscious mind, rituals, she knows the secrets.
Key Feelings: The feeling of being connected with, and in harmony with, your inner self.
Description: This card represents the aspects of the mind that cannot be seen, tasted, smelt, touched or heard. It is the aspect of our inner Being that has no voice, yet speaks through emotions and is felt. It is the location of esoteric knowledge and intuitive understandings. Upright, this card indicates that there is an open channel to use for diving deeper into understanding the situation at hand. It is an invitation to enter the realm of secrets and discover. Trust your feelings and explore why you have them. The path forward is clarified by understanding the emotions that drive you, particularly how the emotions make you feel.

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