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Tart card prediction will Obama pardon Hillary?

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Prediction time! We want to see if president Obama has the intention to pardon Hillary and that he will follow through if he does.

What we want to do is address the cards in order to get into the mind of Obama and those around him in order to find out what the cards can tell us about this activity.


First card indicates that there is a state of fear associated with this topic or that his hands may be tied. This is the cards of being paralyzed by fear that is self created. This card aligns to the situation and hints that the president may have fears with regards to this topic.  The clarifier card shows that the decision to pardon Hillary may be delegated to ‘the other person’. The president’s aides are indecisive and they are unable to choose what side to take or they simply refuse to address this issue. Regarding Hillary, without doubt, she wants a pardon. The people around Hillary, well, the cards indicate that they are stuck in a feeling despair. They may want a pardon, but they feel helpless or that they have given up. When it comes down to the final card, we want to know if the cards will show us if she will be pardoned and we get an inharmonious judgment card suggesting that this action may not happen. This card also suggests that she may not have to pay the price of any transgressions at all. It’s as if there will be no judgment.

There are also 3 swords indicating that the issue is mainly an intellectual exercise. It may be that the general populous simply will not care one way of the other. Note that we also see the only two blindfolded people in the deck which suggest that what is happening is not aligned with what we would expect. Event thought we’re looking for insights with regards to Hillary getting a pardon, we find that the people have blinders on or that we’re not seeing things as they really are. There may be some disconnect between what people feel and what they think. It’s as if the facts in the situation are not seen or that the evidence will not surface.



This prediction today was inspired by Daboo77 on YouTube. You can view that video here:

Questions and Cards

An alignment card regarding the situation. Or, will the cards show us information with regards to president Obama pardoning Hillary Clinton?

8 of Swords

Video Interpretation: 8 of Swords
Key Words: Fear of breaking free, indecision, paralyzed, limiting beliefs, blind-spots, need to take responsibility for your thoughts, self-imprisonment, self-imposed boundaries.
Key Feelings: The feeling that you can’t break the thought patterns that actively bind you into a state of fear.
Description: This card describes a situation where your own thoughts have captured your will and manifested a response in which you are paralyzed by fear. This card hints that we can be stuck not being able to make a decision because we have willfully refused to keep an open mind or do the research needed to fully understand our predicament. Blindly living your life based upon what others tell you will lead to situations in which you will have a limited ability to successfully come to a resolution. You must think for yourself and realize that you imprison and bound yourself.

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Is president Obama bound up with regards to this situation? Is the decision something that he can make, or must it be done my someone else?

Three of Cups (↓)

Video Interpretation: Three of Cups (↓)
Key Words: An affair, 'three's a crowd', stifled creativity, funeral, final achievement.
Key Feelings: That feeling when you recognize that you have been replaced by the other woman or man. That sense of replacement, but the fight still remains.
Description: Reversed, the recognition that you might expect for your accomplishment may feel lacking or hollow. Behind the scenes, or possibly in plain sight, the fulfillment that you’re expecting from others does not show up. You may feel interference from someone else, or engage in an affair. If you’re involved in a group of people, you may feel that someone else is getting recognized for your hard work. It may be that a project you were emotionally attached to did not turned out as once envisioned. It may represent the toast at a funeral or acknowledgement of a project terminated.

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How do the people around the president feel about this situation? Do they want her pardoned? Do they card? What can the cards tell us?

2 of Swords

Video Interpretation: 2 of Swords
Key Words: Indecision, refusal to face a situation, stalemate, choices, truce, stalemate, blocked emotions, stress, denial.
Key Feelings: The feeling of having to choose between to suitors.
Description: This card suggests that there is a decision that needs to be made but you’re refusing to make it. You may be weighing the pros and cons, but no matter how you measure the situation, you could go either way. It’s a stalemate, so you’ll just close your eyes and wait it out. The situation is obvious, but the will is blocked and unwilling to participate. The energy is still, as if you’re in a truce with yourself, but it’s waiting to explode.

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Does Hillary Clinton want to be pardoned? Does she want to be pardoned?

7 of Wands

Video Interpretation: 7 of Wands
Key Words: Competition, courage, determination, challenge, perseverance, holding your ground, reaching higher ground, standing strong in your values.
Key Feelings: That feeling you get when you speak the truth and it is undeniable, yet challenged.
Description: This card suggests that the current situation is one where courage is required to hold your ground. It is as if you’ve made decisions that you’re sticking too and everyone else is waiting for your fall. The energy is there to empower you to hold your ground, stand guard and determine your next step up. You are encouraged to rigorously support your values and be firm in your purpose. The situation at hand is a challenge and the energy to persevere is around you.

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What about the people around Hillary? Are they pushing for a pardon too?

4 of Swords (↓)

Video Interpretation: 4 of Swords (↓)
Key Words: Burn-out, insomnia, unable to look within, inharmonious, unfinished list of work items, unable to move forward.
Key Feelings: The feeling of despair knowing that you’ll never be able to silence your thoughts.
Description: Reversed, this card represents a state of where your thoughts won’t let you sleep. It is the state of going over and over the checklist. It represents the state where your thoughts make enough noise that you can’t get to your inner knowing or intuition. You may feel like you’re unable to move forward or the axe is about to drop. It could represent a state of burnout and the need to unplug.

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Final card. What can the cards show us with regards to Obama pardoning Hillary? Will he, or won’t he? Is there action involved? Or do people just have high hopes.

Judgment (↓)

Video Interpretation: Judgment (↓)
Principle: Refusing to pay the price for your actions. Not acknowledging your actions. Intentionally not playing by the rules. Not moving ahead. Playing dumb or naïve.
Key Words: Self-doubt, refusal of self-examination, dread, haste, need to hide.
Key Feelings: The feeling of dread knowing that your time is up.
Description: Reversed, this card is the inharmonic alignment of being called out on your actions. This is the self-examination that is laced with shame, regret and humiliation. It is the feeling of being caught for your vile behavior. It is the time where you get to feel and experience that which you dealt out. It is a reflection that exposes the undeniable truths that have been broken or intentionally abused. It is the time where your immaturity is made obvious. You are encouraged to make decisions that you can be proud of and be willing to stand behind what you are doing.

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Questions Template as seen in reading

Alignment cards to see if the cards are willing to bring up information pertaining to this activity.

If so,

Does Obama want to pardon her? Or not want to pardon her?

How does he feel about the idea of pardoning her?

How do president Obama’s aids feel about pardoning Hillary Clinton?

Does Hillary Clinton want to be pardoned? What can the cards show us about her take on getting pardoned?

Final outcome card: What we really want to know is will president Obama pardon Hillary Clinton?

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