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Tarot Card Reading Regarding the Arrest of the Cabal

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Heads of the Cabal under House Arrest?

We want to cards to shed some light on the videos that just came out regarding leaders of the cabal being arrested this last Saturday the 10th of December 2016.

Statements for context in the reading:

“ … The white knights and the white hats and the military of the United States and Russia were getting together and … But what they’ve done is they’ve rounded up the cabal leaders, a bunch of the cabal leaders they’re doing this all over the world and they’ve got them under house arrest right now. They’ve got Clintons under house arrest, they’ve got the Bushes under house arrest, David Brock ….”

Basically, there are versions of this story that come up every couple months and many of the stories seem to be snippets of some long sense passed interview that happened dozens of years ago. Its as if there are people out their that simply rehash old stuff to sell ad time on YouTube.

Well, let’s visit the cards…

Reference: “Update: Mass Arrests of Cabal Underway! Dec 13



The first card is a card of charity, giving and prosperity. It suggests that the feeling is that of winning the lottery. It may be that the viewer will see this video and feel as if this would be the greatest thing to every happen to them. Yet, it feels too good to be true so we ask about validation, which the cards suggest we are disconnected from. Validating the story is not going to happen. Yet the cards point out that the video is talking about rulers that are all over the world. It should be obvious that these people will be seen, in public, somewhere, sometime. Ultimately, the advice that we are given is to not give up on seeking emotional fulfillment in this area. If this were to happen, may would feel the true contentment that this card offers.


What is the cards overall response to the integrity and validity of this news story?

6 of Coins

Video Interpretation: 6 of Coins
Key Words: Generosity, faith, kindness, charity, giving, prosperity, sharing wealth.
Key Feelings: The feeling of winning the lottery and sharing the abundance.
Description: This card represents a situation where you are in a position to share. The energy is aligned to solidify your ability to be generous. There is a deep sense that what you have to give is plentiful and, if you give some of this away, there will, without doubt, be more to replace it. Your faith is strong and rooted in noble values. The dice are rolling your way, all you have to do is direct the flow of energy that is every present and never ending. This is a good time to teach people to fish.

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What can the cards tell us with regards to whether or not the news story can, or will ever be validated?

The High Priestess (↓)

Video Interpretation: The High Priestess (↓)
Principle: No concept of an inner observer.
Key Words: Hidden agendas, need to listen to inner voice, not listening.
Key Feelings: The feeling of not being connected with your inner self.
Description: Reversed, this card indicates that you are not using, or you have given up on, this power of the subconscious to assist you in understanding something of importance. There may be fear, or a lack of understanding, with regards to what the subconscious has exposed and an unwillingness to use that knowledge. Time should be spent evaluating so as to understand clearly how you feel within and why. To right this card, you are encouraged to feel if you are in harmony with your current situation.

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What might be hidden, or obvious, that we should know about this news story to give us better insight?

King of Wands

Video Interpretation: King of Wands
Key Words: Confidence, enthusiasm, willpower, natural-born leader, vision, entrepreneur, honor, optimistic, fair, motivating.
Key Feelings: The feeling of being in the presence of a natural-born leader.
Description: This card represents the energy that leaders exude when uniting people for a cause or a stand. It is pure confidence, vision and honor in everything that you stand and fight for. It is the art of motivation and the ability to follow through. It is knowing that your word and honor are at stake and you’ll give your life to uphold your values. These may be characteristics that you uphold, or it could be someone in your immediate situation. You may find yourself supporting a leader with all your heart and conviction.

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What advice can the card show us about how we should interpret this news story?

9 of Cups

Video Interpretation: 9 of Cups
Key Words: Emotional fulfillment, true contentment, wishes fulfilled, comfort, happiness, satisfaction.
Key Feelings: The feeling of proud of achieving your heartfelt desires.
Description: The energy associated with this card is that of a mature understanding to what it takes to live and enjoy an emotionally satisfying life. It is the type of comfortable, sensual, deeply emotional satisfaction that most people dream of for their relationships. The card hints that the fulfillment is so great that it overflows to others in your environment. It is that feeling that your wishes have been granted. The happiness is grounded, firm and solid. It is the card that represents the energy of genuine pride at reaching your goal.

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Note that these cards are similar to other standard classic tarot decks. Feel free to interpret them yourself!

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