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What can we expect from the US Electoral College?

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On December 19th, the votes of the electors are cast in each state. Six days prior to this, the states must have completed electing their electors.

Reference: U.S. Electoral College

Knowing that the US is a republic where a few selected people are put in a position to represent the greater population, we want to look into the cards to see how this process is going to play out this year. Particularly in light of the fact that there was a petition signed by millions of people to abolish the Electoral College system and that there have been statements of rogue electors that want to prevent Donald Trump from getting in office by any means that they can.


The Electoral College members will take their jobs seriously, but they will bitch and moan about it. They will be intolerant and mean and care less about the emotional impact. We may see the Electors as being a big broken home where they don’t get along or there may be a clear indication that their values are misaligned. Trump fans may feel divided, stuck or unable to move on. They may be trying to protect an idea that will eventually wash away. Hillary fans may find themselves engaging in conflict and wanting to win at all costs. There is also the feeling of defeat or loss. The final outcome is the feeling like you’re packed for a trip, but anxious about where or how that trip will go. It is that nervous feeling that you’re starting a trip and you have no idea what’s going to happen to you along the way.

Key Questions

C1 – How seriously do the electors feel about their responsibility? (C) Queen of Swords reversed.

C2 – What type of surprise might we see from the Electors? (C) 10 of Cups reversed.

C3 – How will Trump fans feel about the outcome? (C) Death reversed.

C4 – How will Hillary fans feel about the outcome? (C) 5 of Swords.

C5 – Final outcome of the Electoral College process. (C) 3 of Wands.

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