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What can we expect from the George W. Bush’s ‘war crimes’ trial?

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The courts in California will be hearing a war crimes case that will have an oral argument on the 12th of December. The person suing the ex-president stating that what he did was unlawful.

Reference: Google search of “George W. Bush ‘War Crimes’ Trial Begins In California Court” or Global Research article

I have seen little coverage of this case, yet I find it interesting enough to want to reference the cards for more insight. It is a hearing, so it’s just one step in the process, but it might be fun to see what the cards can tell us regarding how the hearing may turn out.

The Iraqi woman’s name is Sundus Shaker Saleh. This reading will focus on her take of the situation along as the ex-presidents.


The cards indicate that Sundus Shaker Saleh feels like she has a strong case and is willing to work hard and is honest. Countering that, George W. Bush may feel that things are out of control or there is lack of control in this hearing. The cards indicate that afterwards, she will feel like she’s been overlooked once again and it is torturous to have to witness the outcome. George W. Bush, on the other hand, will once again feel like a natural born leader having confidence and feeling that the outcome is fair or honorable. The end result is Stagnation. The cards indicate that there will be nothing new to come of this hearing. Tomorrow, will be like yesterday – unchanged.

Key Questions

C1 – How confident does Sundus Shaker Saleh feel about her position in this hearing? (C) Knight of Pentacles.

C2 – How confident does George W. Bush feel about his position in this hearing? (C) The Chariot reversed.

C3 – How might Sundus Shaker Saleh feel about the outcome of the hearing? (C) Ace of Cups reversed.

C4 – How might George W. Bush feel about the outcome of the hearing? (C) King of Wands.

C5 – What can the cards tell us about the final outcome of this hearing? (C) 4 of Pentacles.

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