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Tarot Cards on John Kerry’s trip to Antarctica

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Can the cards help us understand why people like the Pope, the US secretary of state John Kerry and others have visited Antarctica in the last year?

Background: Jim Sinclair has a good point in the video (that I’ve linked in here) asking the question, how many pictures do you see of these people on their visit? And, it is under the cover of climate change, might there be some other type of change that is really at the heart of the matter here?

I would think that if it was about climate change, there would be groups of scientists traveling to the Antarctica and they would be publishing data that would be carried by the MSM press to educate us about what’s happening.

Instead, we hear about religious and political leaders making time to go there. These types of people tend to make ruling decisions or set policy.

Goal: What we’re hoping the cards will shed some light on is what is really happening during these visits. Are these visits more than scientific? Specifically, because John Kerry represents the interests of the United States, we are going to ask specifically about his trip.

Video: Nov. 20, 2016 Clif High

This reading will be a simple problem spread of five cards.


The cards hint that the main reason for his visit might be as simple needing to do something different for a change or needed time to think and reflect. The level of importance seems mature and as if he’s taking deep satisfaction in doing this. There also may be no connection between what Clif and Jim are talking about and John’s activities on this trip. The cards also hint that John may have a strong feeling that he can’t break free or that he is imprisoned by his own making. In the final position, the cards indicate that there is the feeling of not being guilty of his actions and that he’s acted honorably.

Key Questions

C1 – What was the main purpose of his trip? (C) 4 of Cups.

C2 – What was the level of importance of his trip? (C) 9 of Coins.

C3 – What is really at the heart of the matter? (C) The Emperor reversed.

C4 – What is the most important feeling that he felt during this trip? (C) 8 of Swords.

C5 – What advice can the cards give us regarding his actions in Antarctica? (C) The Hermit.

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