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Tarot Cards on the Meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch in Phoenix

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Goal: To get some insights into the meeting that Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch had in Phoenix.

Summary: The most important thing about the meeting is that the relationship that they have is something that they feel stuck in and they can’t get out. The cards support that there may have been bad choices with regards to what she said and there might have been an argumentative tone to the situation. What seems to be withheld is that someone might be bitter with regards to the situation. Regarding a hidden agenda, the cards indicate that they are making a long shot gamble in order to help fulfill that agenda. The meeting conversation may have given Loretta a rush of energy or it may have brought the feeling that they are on a new adventure. The witnesses saw this as a secret meeting that must not be talked about. The final outcome card indicates that there is a feeling of being caught in something that won’t work.

Key Questions

(Q1) What is the most important thing that we should know about this announcement? (C) 10 of cups reversed.

(Q2) What can the cards show us regarding the truthfulness of this announcement by Loretta Lynch? (C) 5 of cups.

(Q3) What can the cards show us regarding what is being consciously withheld from us? (C) Queen of Swords reversed.

(Q4) What can the cards show regarding any hidden agenda? (C) 7 of Cups reversed.


(Q5) Can the cards give us any insight into the statement that she makes where she states: “… our conversation was a great deal about his grandchildren, it was primarily social and about our travels, he mentioned the golf he played in phoenix.” (C) Ace of Wands.

(Q6) What can the cards show us about how the other people on the plane interpreted the conversation? (C) The High Priestess.

(Q7) What can the cards show us regarding the final outcome of this event? (C) 8 of cups reversed.

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