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The Magician

Video Interpretation: The Magician
Principle: Law of manifestation.
Key Words: Guidance, new opportunities, creative initiative, power, skill, concentration, action, resourcefulness, connection between divine and mundane, conscious/unconscious link, infinite outcomes, manifesting your desires, using the tools that are available to you.
Key Feelings: That feeling that you are connected to the divine and your worldly experience are improved by spiritual insights.
Description: This card represents the connection that we all have to the divine and that the divine is what powers our worldly experiences. The upright position of this card indicates that the connection is strong and open. There is the power to manifest your desires using the tools that have been given to you. The realm of infinite possibilities is open to you if you just choose to embrace it. Ask, and you shall receive. You are encouraged to clarify your thoughts so they are sharp, clear and well defined.
Animal: Snake
Key Words: Transmutation, manifestation, trinity.
Description: When in tune with snake energy, a person can overcome poisonous mental, physical, spiritual and emotional situations. The snake energy empowers transmutation of our life situation through sexuality, psychic activities, alchemical processes, reproduction and acts that lead towards ascension. Snake allows us to experience anything without resistance for it knows it can shed the experience and start again. Snake understands that with the proper state of mind, it can transmute poisonous situations eating, digesting, and integrating a problem or experience. It provides for healing by merging of male and female energy. Transmutation is fire energy. On a material level, the fire becomes ambition, creation, resolution and dreams. On the metal level, the fire becomes intellect, power, charisma and leadership, on the spiritual level, the fire becomes wisdom, understanding, and wholeness which enhances the connection to the great spirit. This spirit encourages you to refine your practice and perfect your skills.
Animal: Hawk
Key Words: Messenger.
Description: Mercury is the messenger of the gods. Be observant of your surroundings and everything that you do. Hawks help through stressful and difficult situations when you observe the nuances of the power lurking nearby. You are only as powerful as your capacity to perceive, receive and use your abilities. You must use discernment and seek the truth in all actions. The cry of the hawk could mark the coming of a conflict, the birth of a child or a celebration. The Hawk energy requires responsibility. Remember the details. You are encouraged to trust the message and observe.
Symbol: Lily
Words: Hope, faith, purity, chastity, innocence, fertility.
Description: Drawing the lily symbolizes that divinity is present or that there is an air of innocence about the matter. It represents purity, chastity and fertility. It symbolizes that it may be time to act now or that the time is short. It shows that now could be a good time for a cleanse, or to place time into performing purifying activities. The lily deals with the sanctity and tenderness of the heart. We are encouraged to thoroughly enjoy the tender moments before the bloom is over.
Symbol: Rose
Words: Devotion, balance, magic.
Description: The roses represent a strong commitment and devotion to the process of creating your own reality. Hang onto the passion that empowers the magic because the adventure is at your command.
Element: Ether
Words: Consciousness, karma, attraction.
Description: Ether is the material that fills the universe. It permeates everything. It is everywhere always. It is the animating force and is subtler than light. It is associated with purity and clarity. It is transparent and moves cyclically or naturally. It is unchanging, divine and infallible.

The Magician (↓)

Video Interpretation: The Magician (↓)
Principle: Not understanding the law of manifestation.
Key Words: Manipulation, poor planning, not using your talents, being misled.
Key Feelings: That feeling that the divine has abandoned you or that you are no longer connected to spiritual insights.
Description: Reversed, this card represents that the connection to the divine is blocked or hidden. The energy needed to manifest your worldly desires is missing or not flowing. The glow of life has gone out or is dim. You may feel adrift and unable to decide what to do or place your energy into. You are encouraged to look at yourself and reflect on how you got there. You will need to take control of your own thoughts so as to right the situation.
Animal: Snake
Key Words: Transmutation, broken manifestation process.
Description: Refusing to change. Fearing change. Fearing the discomfort of change. Feeling stuck in a rut. The unwillingness to experience life. Feeling that the situation is poisonous to the core. Feeling that death with undoubtedly prevail if you engage in the situation. Feeling like old wounds won't heal. No balance in male female energy. Feeling like the spark of fire as gone out. This spirit encourages you to address your fears and approach the situation carefully.
Animal: Hawk
Key Words: Missed message, deaf, not reading.
Description: You many have shut down your powers of observation on some level. It may be a situation likened to bricks around the heart. Life may be too unbearable to observe and too painful to feel. It’s time to review why you became emotionally involved rather than remaining the observer. Seek the natural observer point of view which allows the message to be intuitively and clearly understood. It may be that you feel out of balance or that your emotions cloud your vision. You may be telling others how to think of behave. You need to take care of your own emotional baggage so that your thoughts can be tamed and arranged in order to hear the message clearly.
Symbol: Lily
Words: Stifled growth, impure, restricted.
Description: When the lily is inverted, it indicates that there is something not pure about the situation. What should be a full, open, innocent environment may be restricted or constrained. There may be the feeling the environment is no longer big enough for the situation or if you’re ability to reach out and explore is limited. We are encouraged to purify our thoughts and actions.
Symbol: Rose
Words: Broken commitments, pain.
Description: It takes passion and balance to command the adventures that you seek. Be careful with where you place your passion for the reversed rose will bring a sting to those that show no self-control or to those that break their commitments.
Element: Ether
Words: Unconsciousness, repulsion, judgment.
Description: Reversed, it would seem that the Ether that fills the universe has no purpose, cause or direction. It is everywhere, but does nothing. It animates, but cannot be seen doing so. It is subtler than light yet there is no concept of its existence. Clarity and purity are missing or simply not applied. Things change in unexpected ways and there is a strong sense that everything is flawed.