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The Fool

Video Interpretation: The Fool
Principle: Birth of identity.
Key Words: Start of a phase, leap of faith, openness to life, beginnings, innocence, spontaneity, a free spirit, unexpected opportunities, intuition, carefree, belief.
Key Feelings: The feeling of joy when you believe something will work out and it does.
Description: This card represents a carefree approach to life. It is the blowing of the feather in the wind. It is the embodiment of the essence a free spirit. It is the leap of faith that is rooted behind everything that we do in life. It is the energy of a new beginning, or the starting of a phase or unexpected opportunities that come our way. It represents openness to life and everything it has to offer. It is optimism in every breath. This card encourages us to have faith that when you honor innocence, things work out.
Animal: Coyote
Key Words: Trickster, light-hearted, surprise.
Description: You can definitely be sure that something is on its way and it may, or may not, be to your liking. Whatever it is, you will laugh and maybe even painfully. You will definitely learn a lesson about yourself. There is lots of magic around you, but you will be caught off guards with how it presents itself. You will most likely fall into a trap but survive by accident. You may lose the battle, but you will not be beaten. This energy moves you from one disaster to another and teaches you the art of self-sabotage. You will take things seriously and may be blinded to the obvious. The cosmic joke is that it's not only about you, but everyone is doing the same thing. Get ready to laugh at yourself and the crazy things that you've done. Embrace what is crazy and fun. Go with the flow. Mature coyote energy brings laughter to the party and lightens the hearts of others. Don’t take life too seriously.
Symbol: Rose
Words: Hope, new beginnings.
Description: There is beauty and passion in innocence. Think of the rose here as a gift that comes from within that you bring into the world to share. Passion is at the root of all experience which builds memory.
Element: Ether
Words: Consciousness, karma, attraction.
Description: Ether is the material that fills the universe. It permeates everything. It is everywhere always. It is the animating force and is subtler than light. It is associated with purity and clarity. It is transparent and moves cyclically or naturally. It is unchanging, divine and infallible.

The Fool (↓)

Video Interpretation: The Fool (↓)
Principle: No concept of self or identity.
Key Words: Naivety, foolishness, recklessness, risk-taking.
Key Feelings: That ‘I can’t believe I fell for that’ feeling when you once again believe something will work out and it doesn’t.
Description: Reversed, this card is pessimistic fool. With everything that comes your way, there is the feeling that it is out to get you. It represents the innocence that is taken advantage of. It is the free spirit that constantly flies into glass windows. It is the unexpected opportunity that goes away. It is the act of extending belief when it’s inappropriate to do so. It’s the type of energy best expressed as: When you fall, you hit the ground. This card suggests that you pay closer attention to what you do and how it is done so as to find a way to optimistically approach the task at hand.
Animal: Coyote
Key Words: Trickster, hurtful, deceived.
Description: The light-hearted foolishness becomes heavy painful experiences. What should be a simple laugh, causes hurt and resentment. Being unconscious of your actions leads to disastrous results. You may be easily tricked or deceived by another and led astray. You may fall for a scam artist or a get rich quick scheme or get involved in a deceptive activity. You may find yourself on a path that is painful and disharmonious. Everything that you attempt to do backfires or turns out differently than you expect. Feeling like you're always getting knocked down and never making forward progress. This spirit requests that you pay attention to your actions and don’t take things to seriously.
Symbol: Rose
Words: Pain, thoughtlessness.
Description: Beauty and passion may have a dark side. Be careful of the promises that others have made to you so that they do not lead to painful experiences. You may be in a thoughtless state, so it may be worthwhile to take a step back and smell the roses.
Element: Ether
Words: Unconsciousness, repulsion, judgment.
Description: Reversed, it would seem that the Ether that fills the universe has no purpose, cause or direction. It is everywhere, but does nothing. It animates, but cannot be seen doing so. It is subtler than light yet there is no concept of its existence. Clarity and purity are missing or simply not applied. Things change in unexpected ways and there is a strong sense that everything is flawed.