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The AmorStyle Tarot Deck

The Classic Tarot Deck that I sell is a standard tarot deck printed through They are smooth, full color and printed on 300gsm paper. They come shrink-wrapped in a tuck box. They are truly professional. They are what I use in my reading that you can see on Youtube.

The AmorStyle Classic Tarot Deck was inspired by a few different standard tarot decks that you might find in any book store or card seller today. There are 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor cards. The minor cards are divided into four suits: Cups, Wands, Swords and Coins. Each suit has 14 cards, 4 of which are court cards: Page, Knight, Queen and King. All the images are available online to view. You can view these images here.

Inspirational History

In the beginning of October 2016, I woke up with the idea that I needed to make my own tarot cards and make stuff up. Being unemployed, I figured I had the time and the tools, thus I got started. Two months later, after working full time on the project, I finished the last image and ordered up my first deck.

While waiting for that deck to arrive, I started working on the definitions for the cards. Two more months passed. Working nearly full time at writing, editing and coding, I finally got to celebrate version one of the cards and classic meanings at the end of January, 2017.

The month of February 2017 opened up for writing the predictive and mundane meanings and making those assignments to the cards.

After that, I revisited the website in order to make the information available to you!


Every purchase includes:

  • A shrink-wrapped version of my AmorStyle Classic Tarot Deck (Currently $45)
  • A two year subscription on the website. (Currently a $20 value!)
  • USPS shipping to locations within the United States.

The subscription to the website is useful because there is no companion book that comes with the cards. That book is online and fully available to people that get subscriptions to the site.

Steps to Purchase

  • Step 1 – Register and Login to this website. In order to get the meanings of the cards, you have to be able to login to view the information. When you register the website will send you an email with instructions for setting your password. Do so and then use your new user name and password to login. Note that when you register, you are added to my email list.
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  • Step 2 – If I have any Classic Tarot Decks available, you’ll see the count in the table above. If there is stock, please fill out the Paypal purchase located immediately below this step. It’s the standard Add to Cart and then Checkout functionality. Once the checkout is complete, I will receive a notification of payment and I’ll ship you the cards.
Paypal (required): The AmorStyle Classic Tarot Deck & Subscription with standard shipping within the United States. $50
  • Step 3 – We will need your mailing address. Please use the contact form below and include your mailing address exactly how you would like to see it on the package label.
  • Step 4 – If you are interested in ordering a deck of cards but find that we are out of stock, don’t fret! If you let us know that you are interested, we will make sure to place you on the list for our next bulk order. Feel free to still Register on the site so that we can keep in touch with you and fill out the Contact form in order to let us know you are looking for a deck.
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