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Get your Topic Covered!

I give away a limited number of readings (or predictions) about public news stories every month to registered users of this website. If you have an idea for a reading and you’d like me to review it, all I ask is:

Step 1 – Become a registered user. It’s easy and free! To do this, click the Register link and create a user name. The website will then send you an email that will instruct you to setup your password. Do so. Then, Login. At that point, you will be able to see more information about each card used in each reading.

Step 2 – Please provide a link to, or a description of, the news story that you would like covered.

Step 3 – Please provide what you’d like to know, or what you’re interested in finding out, about the story so that I can ask the cards the correct questions.

In exchange for the service, I expect you to

  • Publish the reading on your social media referencing the summary post that I create.

Please register and then let me know what you would like covered via the following form:

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